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Kartberg M 620 potato grader

Kartberg M 620 potato grader

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Seasonal reduction in price for Kartberg potato grader model M620. Take the occasion to purchase a good potato grading machine at a bargain price! This special offer is valid until July 1, 2016.
Machinery for post-harvesting of beets, potatoes, onions and other root crops.
Kartberg potato grader model M620.
Machine application:
- grading of tuberous roots,
-classification of tuberous roots.
The machine is designed and constructed according to the technical specifications (TU) BY 591507622.003-2014 registered at the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus.
Technical data:
- capacity with mechanical loading – 8 tons of potatoes per hour,
- energy consumption is 0.75 kW(380 W) or 1.1 kW (220 W)
- number of grading screens - 6 to 9
- additional grading screen for long potatoes
- screen openings down to 30 mm
- screen dimensions: 1150mm x1000mm
- inspection table – 2500 mm long, 1050 mm wide
- roller inspection table: the rollers are made of PP (polypropylene), resistant to weather impact,
- the inspection table is provided with:
1) lighting (on request)
2) net package holder (no damaging to the net)
3) dividing of the product (potatoes) into flows: marketable, seed-potato, low quality
- weight: 520 kg
Having in mind many remarks and comments from the customers who operate grading machines with short table (made in Poland) our firm provides Kartberg grader configured with the extended table up to 2500 mm and 1050 mm wide, which allows to make sure that operators manage to reject low quality product from the flow.
M620 Kartberg grader is installed on metal support structure, which can be fixed in transport position for transportation. It can be transported manually or towed by a vehicle. The engine power (0.75 kW) allows using the potato grader in the field with low-duty power generator.
The grader is driven by belt gearing, which are housed by safety metal boxes complying with occupational safety and safety procedures.
Model 620 machine is completed with loading conveyer belt with charging chute. The chute size can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.
On the customer’s request Model 620 grading machine can be transformed for grading and packaging of onion sets with classification by size.
Due to its construction Kartberg machine can be used during all the season from harvesting to planting of tuberous root plants.
See the details on the machinery on our website atlant-zkv.com

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